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Sesame oil extraction production line
Date: 2020-12-08
Sesame oil extraction production line
Production equipment assembly line for extracting sesame oil
Sesame, also known as flax, is an annual herbaceous plant belonging to the sesame family and one of the four major edible oil crops in my country. Sesame oil is also called sesame oil and sesame oil. It is made from sesame as raw material. The oil is extracted from sesame. Its fatty acids generally contain 35-49.4% oleic acid, 37.7-48.4% linoleic acid, and 0.4-1.2% arachidic acid. The digestion and absorption rate of sesame oil is extremely high, reaching 98%. And sesame oil does not contain harmful components to the human body, and contains particularly rich vitamin E and linoleic acid. Sesame oil is widely used in people's diet.
The preparation and processing of sesame oil also has a long history. So far, the processing technology of sesame oil is mainly water substitution method, pressing method, filter pressing method, pressing extraction method and so on. Due to different preparation techniques, the prepared sesame oil has different names, such as small mill sesame oil, machine-made sesame oil and ordinary sesame oil. Because of its mellow fragrance, sesame oil is mainly used as a seasoning oil in the diet. In addition, sesame oil products made by various processes are darker in color and not suitable for daily cooking and cooking oil. Therefore, the sales volume of sesame oil is more than other There is a clear gap in edible oil. However, sesame oil is rich in sesamin, sesalin, etc., and has strong antioxidant properties. Compared with other current edible oils, such as soybean oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, corn oil, etc., it is more suitable for use. High temperature cooking

 The sesame oil extraction production line is extraction and extracting. The sesame cake after squeezing sesame oil is crushed, reshaped, sent to the sealed auger in the leaching workshop, and dropped into the flat-rotation extractor, leached by solvent or mixed oil spray, and drained , The wet meal falls into the meal hopper and enters the steaming machine through the airtight screw conveyor through the scraper conveyor. After the solvent is removed by steaming and baking, it is transported to the finished meal storage.

The concentrated mixed oil filtered by the filter in the extractor flows into the mixed oil tank, and then enters the first long tube evaporator to separate the solvent vapor, and then enters the second long tube evaporator. After the solvent vapor is separated again, it flows into the stripper for removal The remaining solvent and the obtained leached crude oil enters the crude oil tank and is sent to the refinery workshop. The solvent vapor from the first long tube and second long tube evaporator, stripping tower, flat-rotation extractor, and steamer is introduced into the condenser for condensation, and the condensed liquid flows into the water separator for water separation, and the separated solvent Return to the solvent turnover warehouse. The waste water discharged from the water separator and solvent turnover warehouse flows into the boiling water tank for cooking and then discharged to the water sealing tank. The free gas in the upper part of each equipment is collected and enters the final condenser for condensation, and the uncondensed gas enters the absorption tower to capture the solvent again
It is best to use DTDC steaming machine, and the material is required to be 304 stainless steel.
1. DTDC steaming machine is the main equipment of the desolventizing system in the leaching workshop, which can remove the solvent in the wet meal.
2. DTDC has perfect steaming and taking-off function, which can pre-desolve, evaporate, dry and cool the wet meal, and directly pack the desolventized wet meal;
3. The equipment has a large transmission torque and a large load
4. When the wet meal is completely desolventized, the urease activity remains between 0.15 and 0.25, which improves the quality of the oil meal.


The oil content of sesame cake is generally not high, less than 20%, which is almost equivalent to the oil content of other pressed cakes. Sesame cake extraction equipment focuses on the quality and performance of the equipment and the actual performance to comprehensively compare it. Observe the actual operating capacity of the equipment. Manufacturers are required to take users to a cooperative leaching oil plant to visit, and the quality of the equipment requires users to inspect the manufacturer in person, and analyze which leaching equipment is more reliable in terms of equipment manufacturing professionalism and technical level. The main principle is to use a suitable solvent to extract the oil in the raw material, and then remove the solvent in the mixed oil.

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